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Archive Academic Expertise: The Mindset Behind Academic Achievement: Mental Toughness?

Introduction Mental toughness has often been associated with elite sports performance, partly due to the media’s use of the construct to describe athletic performances that have shown determination, reliance and grit. Away from popular sporting discourse mental toughness has been widely implemented with much more academic rigour. The aim of

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Tutorial: Teaching Character Through Languages

Introduction Drawing inspiration from The Jubilee Centre for Character & Virtues publication on Teaching Character Through Subjects this article focuses on languages. The project that led to this publication was funded by the DfE and involved over thirty secondary schools from across England in developing resources that could be used for delivering high

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Resource: Brave New World – a board game: how to educate children about Constitutions, Political Theory and Human Rights without them even realising it!

Introduction In this article Dr Helen Hall and Professor Tom Lewis outline their responses to a key question: How do you introduce concepts of human rights, political theory and constitutional law to school children in a way that is not hopelessly earnest and/or impossibly dry? This is the central problem that the authors

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Guide: Using the Jubilee Centre for Character & Virtues Primary Programme of Study Part 1

Introduction The Jubilee Centre produces two programmes of study for character education. The Primary programme is more recent and is divided by term and separated into individual year groups. The author has designed the programme to enable all year groups to study the same character quality or virtue at any one time. This

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Competition and Thought Piece: Patience is a virtue as they say…

Introduction When we used to produce the Character Matters eJournal we regularly finished with a competition and the cartoon designed for us by Bill Kneebone, a Primary School teacher from Halifax. In keeping with this tradition we saw no reason to stop when we moved over to the new Resources page. Here Bill

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Guide: Using the Jubilee Centre for Character & Virtues Secondary Programme of Study Part 1

In this series of pieces we explore various facets of the Jubilee Centre’s secondary programme of study. On their website there is a free bank of 31 resources alongside a teachers’ guide. This first piece looks at the Teachers’ Guide, and it may be worth downloading it to read alongside. The foreword by Professor

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Resource: Compassion Matters

In this article Compassion Matters explain their approach to character education, work with schools and wider application. At an audience on August 26th 2016, the Dalai Lama strongly impressed upon the Director and fellows of the Dalai Lama Centre for Compassion and others present his desire to see ethics become a central part

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Research: New Large Scale UK Research Project Launched to Investigate The Effectiveness of  Adventure Learning

The Education Endowment Foundation – EEF - is backing a new study to determine the impact of adventure learning on pupil’s self-regulation, engagement and behaviour in school and attainment.  Here, Daniel Cibich, Head of Education Partnerships at The Outward Bound Trust explains what is going on and what is involved in this new

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Thought Piece: Towards a shared understanding of ‘character’ in character education.

Introduction Thought pieces are designed to provoke debate and get us thinking around issues and concerns in the field of character education. In this piece we consider how easy it might be to gain a shared understanding of character education. Please feel free to send in your thoughts and these can either feature

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Resource: An Introduction to Ethics, Morality and Virtues for Children

Introduction In this piece Tony Frais outlines his approach to developing these areas, offering suggestions for how we might improve our practice, and signposting us towards his downloadable resource. Research has found that 84% of UK parents believe that teachers should encourage good morals and values in their pupils.

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