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Archive Resource: TED-Ed Club Leckie – A Culmination of Character by Hollie Jones

As the year draws to a close and school has begun to wind down, it’s been a time of positive reflection for the TED-Ed Club on all that they have accomplished and how far they have come. It was a privilege to sit in on their discussion during the last meeting, as they sat

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Archive Piece: Raising Kind Kids: 5 Things We Can Do by Thomas Lickona

Kindness is a teachable virtue, but parents and teachers have to make it a priority.  Here are five ways to do that: Use the language of kindness. This will help to convey kindness as an important value and expectation.  For example: ‘Would you be kind enough to help pick up?’ ‘That was a

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Key Thoughts on Character Education from Sophie McPhee [@TheOther16Hours]

School is such an enriching place to be in the 21st century. In my own (secondary) school, pupils can travel as far afield as Sri Lanka, or even get an immersive cultural experience within their classroom, through Chinese performance art workshops, for example. I go out to local primary schools on a weekly basis

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