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Archive Thought Piece: STEMpathy by Fabian di Fabiani

The 21stCentury technology revolution has transformed the way most people live, the development of A.I and automation pose profound and difficult questions for humanity. One such question is “If machines can match human thinking, what does it mean to be human?” The very nature of humanity is seemingly up for redefinition. Rather than fearing

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Archive: What Sport can Teach Schools about Actively Embedding Character by Elizabeth Wright

Even though my life has been varied in experiences and goal achievement, I always come back to my sporting experiences, and ultimately what they taught me and how they have impacted on the rest of my life. When I was a swimmer I was regularly practicing and habituating character traits, through the act of

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Student Perspectives: Character Education at Aylesbury Grammar School

Editor's note: It is so important to remember the voice of those we work with. In this article a student from Aylesbury Grammar School reflects on a few key events that have helped shape his journey. We are always looking for great features from students and young adults. If you have any thought then

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