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Damian Hinds, OFSTED, schools and the need to prioritise character education

Back in January the new Ofsted Framework for Inspection in Schools was launched for consultation, and the world of character education rejoiced. Schools are to be finally recognised for having an essential role in character development, the scales are beginning to balance as we move from a seemingly endless focus on data to

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Tutorial: Teaching Character Through Languages

Introduction Drawing inspiration from The Jubilee Centre for Character & Virtues publication on Teaching Character Through Subjects this article focuses on languages. The project that led to this publication was funded by the DfE and involved over thirty secondary schools from across England in developing resources that could be used for delivering high

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Guide: Using the Jubilee Centre for Character & Virtues Primary Programme of Study Part 1

Introduction The Jubilee Centre produces two programmes of study for character education. The Primary programme is more recent and is divided by term and separated into individual year groups. The author has designed the programme to enable all year groups to study the same character quality or virtue at any one time. This

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